Why Aadya?

  • Aadya Model School (AMS) celebrates individual differences. Our academic program ensures that it caters to each learner who we know is unique.

  • AMS will identify the learning styles of each child. Our teachers too are trained to cater to different learning styles.

  • It is situated in a quiet and peaceful location. It provides the ideal environment for learning.

  • It is situated in a quiet and peaceful location. It provides the ideal environment for learning.

  • Academic excellence alone is not our priority. Student’s passing out from AMS shall be responsible youth who will contribute selflessly to the country and society.

  • Holistic Development is our goal and the well designed activities and academic programme will make the journey exciting and enthralling.

  • An outstanding feature of AMS is that each child is relieved of bringing a heavy school bag. No tiffin box relieves the parent of wondering what to cook each day and will ensure that each child has a nutritious healthy diet.


Before, you start flipping through those attractive brochures or browsing websites for the most valuable aspect of your life. Yes, your child’s education, you need to sit down as a family, analyze what you are looking for in a School and Why.
What you need to consider is:
  1. What is the school’s philosophy? 
  2. Is the school’s vision powerful enough to mould the personality of my child?
  3. How is the school addressing individual differences? 
  4. Will it cater to different learning styles?
  5. What are the ways in which the school will identify, nurture child’s potential and innate abilities?
  6. Is the school inclination only towards academics or does it cater to overall development of the child?
  7. Will the School take care of the entire schooling or is it only a primary centre
Well!  if you’re looking for all the above aspects
Aadya Model School is the right choice……..A journey of exploration begins here 
Visit us and make a choice of an ideal school